Who is it for and How does it work. The planning of the service in a specific space, either residential or non-residential, is performed step by step. I start with viewing the environment, on site or from pictures or the houseplant. But the real starting point is listening to the needs and demands of those who will live the place. 
I believe that both designer and occupant should have a clear understanding of the reasons for the service, and the actual needs which the service should meet. In this, I will offer my professional competence and long time expertise in order to adapt the planning of the space on the personality and physical traits of the occupant. 

The planning follows a different path when it concerns objects of daily use addressed to series production. No actual user to refer to, but certainly an ideal user is always considered when planning a design, and this "all user" becomes a guide and source of inspiration. Materials and shapes are arranged around an idea and a user's need, starting from indepth analysis of the state of art until the production of a prototype to submit to the industry.

Environmental sustainability. Every production phase is followed carefully in terms of use of materials whose composition be eco-friendly and non detrimental to the environment. As concerns wood material, only wood is used whose origin be certified as meeting FSC requirements for biodiversity conservation and High Conservation Values. Paints, waxes, colours, are natural (like all BioFa materials). 
In planning for series production, great care is taken with the environmental sustainability in terms of control over the following phases of production and distribution.portfolio.htmlportfolio.htmlhttp://www.fsc.orghttp://www.biofa.comshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1shapeimage_15_link_2shapeimage_15_link_3